The technique of the world level
It is sent by Tochigi.
"Plastic molded is the number one in the world"
I aim at this.
We performed a design, the production of the exact resin parts government funds type, the production and sales of the resin cast after establishment of 1980. It is a specialized maker having consistent product line and I do it with other big characteristics and, from the die design that knew resin properties well to the production of casts, have eight bases in China, the Asia district led by the ASEAN.
Please see our product, technology, quality.
・ Optical goods-related parts
・ Car-related parts
・ Home APRA Ian's
・ Information appliance parts
・ Office appliance parts
・ Others
Please see our product, technology, quality.
Die production
Molding system
Employment information
A tech job make arrangements with a sales position minutely
A customer only in the top company of the world level.
Post of sales people and a tech job make arrangements minutely,
I offer the most suitable service.
The management policies presentation that is held once a year
The scene of the management policies presentation held once a year.
The local employee playing an active part at the overseas base of the cam visits Japan and announces the management policies.
With us,
It is higher quality and recruits friends aiming at reliable manufacturing.
We start as a specialized company of the die production for the engineering plastic in 1980 and we fix our eyes on a future later and develop a business characterized by the current start-to-finish production after molding business of the engineering plastic.
Put experience of the die production that I cultivated from introduction of IT and the founding when it is representative by a flow analysis technique after having known enough a characteristic of the resin which is materials well by the engineering plastic molding business together and aim at the ultimate molding technology. This is a basic stance of CAM.
It is the company which believes it when it is the best method that can provide the product which I put it in all on quality, cost, a deadline and am satisfied with to a customer to carry through this posture, and makes an effort every day.
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