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Approach to environment

The Cam aims at a company activity and the harmony with the global environment and works on environmental protection positively,
I fulfil a social responsibility as the good corporate citizen.

Environmental policy

I establish environmental management system as a company of a precisely plastic cast and the die production and carry out the Cam and promote a continuous environmental conservation activity including the natural environments protection.
1.I observe item other demands that I included a country, environmental laws regulation, the customer in conjunction with the local government in and try for environmental conservation.
2.Plastic molded; and promote energy saving, resource saving, recycling in consideration for environment while offer a die product.
3.I set an environmental purpose, an environmental aim and perform a review regularly. I aim at the exploitation of resources-saving through process improvement and work in particular on the prevention of the continuous improvement and pollution.
4.I am documented, and the environmental policy is carried out and I am maintained and disseminate it to all employees and plan improvement in consciousness of the environmental conservation.
5.I establish a committee for environmental conservation and promote an improvement activity and try for environmental conservation in all employees.
6.The environmental policy discloses it to a community, affiliates, outside interested party, a general person.
7.I perform an appropriate article management activity by product-containing chemical substance management systems construction.
President Tetsuya Kimura

ISO14001:2015 environmental management system

In us, the certification acquires 2015 ISO14001.
I offer a high-quality product to the customer while considering environment as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
The certification standardISO14001:2015
Registration document numberE0981
Registration companyCam
Expiration dateNovember 01, 2022
Examination registerRay Software Research Associate
ISO 14001:2004
The certification standardISO 14001:2015
Registration document numberCN09/20164
Registration companyCAM Plas (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Expiration dateJanuary 1, 2024
Examination registerSGS United Kingdom Ltd
BS EN ISO 14001:2004
The certification standardISO 14001:2015
Registration document numberAJAEU/19/15101
Registration companyCAM PLAS (S) PTE LTD
Expiration dateMay 16, 2024
Examination register
AJA Europe Ltd
ISO 14001:2004
The certification standardISO 14001:2015
Registration document number170116009/1
Registration companyCAM PLAS (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.
Expiration dateApril 4, 2024
Examination registerDEKRA
ISO 14001:2004+Cor1:2009
The certification standardISO 14001:2015
Registration document number438819UM
Registration companyCam Plas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Expiration dateJune 17, 2024
Examination registerDQS
The certification standard ISO 14001:2015
Registration document number VN17/00109
Registration company CAM PLAS MOULD (VIETNAM) CO.,LTD
Expiration date May 2, 2023
Examination register SGS United Kingdom Ltd
The certification standardISO 14001:2015
Registration document numberEMS 695465
Registration companyCam Plas (Johor) Sdn Bhd
Expiration dateSeptember 21, 2024
Examination registerBSI
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