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Announcement of November, 2021, 12 1:00 a month closure enforcement
The infection situation of the new type of pneumonia became the sudden trend toward decreases, and a limit of all metropolitan area local emergency became the full-scale cancellation on October 25. There is it by the peace of mind. However, infection spread continues in the ASEAN district, and it is in a situation that they are combined with lack of raw materials such as semiconductors, and the automotive industry is forced to a large decrease in production. We will carry out simultaneous closure taking various kinds of situation into consideration under this influence from November through December, too.
I cause business partner great inconvenience, nuisance, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 
・Enforcement date (December from November, 2021) of the temporary closure
1) Tochigi headquarters factory, Tokyo Office, Nagoya Office, Kyushu factory
 I assume all Friday from November 1 to December 31 simultaneous closure
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