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An employment calendar was corrected in 2021
Announcement of Cabinet Office: Only for 2021 (Raiwa 3), it is August 8 (※) on "the day of the mountain" on July 23 on "the day of sports" on July 22 on "Marine Day"
With a law (2020 law No. 68) to revise a part of Tokyo Olympics tournament, the Tokyo Paralympics tournament special measures law in 2020 being enforced on December 28, this year, it is based on regulations of Tokyo Olympics tournament, Tokyo Paralympics tournament special measures law (2015 law No. 33) Article 32 Paragraph 2 as above about on the day of sports and the day of the mountain on Marine Day in 2021 (Raiwa 3) in 2021 after the revision.
(※) Based on regulations of law (1948 law No. 178) Article 3 Paragraph 2 about the national holiday, it is a holiday on August 9.

I reviewed it and, with the announcement mentioned above, corrected an employment calendar in 2021.

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