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CAM Production System

Production monitoring system

The CAM stocker

The quality of moulded products is determined by the stability of the moulding process.
CAM has developed a system that allows for the monitoring of abnormalities in production conditions and environment, ensuring that only moulded products meeting our customers' standards are produced and continuously collected by our unmanned CAM stocker for up to 48 hours.
This system (CAM Stocker) is the core of our unmanned operations and PPM quality assurance.

Features of the CAM Stocker

Features of the CAM Stocker

  • 1Feedback on moulding conditions can be obtained
  • 2Feedback on abnormalities in the environment can be obtained
  • 3Defective parts will be automatically offloaded
  • 4If abnormalities in production arise, production will be stopped and an alarm will be sounded
  • 5Maximum stock capacity: 24 cases (450mm X 300mm X 260mm )

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